Illogical Heart: Poetry

Walking in Sanctuary,
finding there's
nowhere left to run

The Shadow Man
laughed his last
before the Twilight won

Reason shimmered
in the distance,
the mirage of logic true

When she got to it,
reason fell to the Sands
of Time with audacious hues

Now there's grasslands
stained with shards
of crimson on every blade

Alongside soldiers pointing
index fingers and shouting
"A spade's a spade!"

The floor is the ceiling,
the world becomes topsy-turvy
and Gravity has won

Sanity danced with
Improbability until
it was a quarter past done

If there was balm in Gilead
she couldn't say that
she'd ever know

But her life is similar
in thought and deed
to Edgar Allen Poe

He mourned his Lenore,
and loved his Annabel Lee

She mourned someone she'd never met:
someone to love her and just be.

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