The Arch of Consciousness & Other Thoughts: Poetry

How can you remind 
yourself that you've
forgotten how to breathe?
Let us paint 
in shades of red

Not the flood of violence,
nor the riptide of rage

But the warm quilt of 
and the sacred prism
of love
I wasn't so always
full of fancy
Instead, I was full
of ambition

But the world
has a way of 
sucking you dry
in the pursuit of
"aim to please"
Who are we really
but mirrors to others?

Showcase yourself
like a rubix cube
and you will solve
the riddle of
who you are
It is so 
very often funny
that we can
only recognize when
we were happy
when we aren't
Sometimes reality 
is just a wet shirt;
take it off
When the eyes are
truly open
it is like a blow
to the arch of Consciousness

See the world 
as it is,
not how 
you've convinced yourself 
it must be.

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