Listening to the Dalai Lama IV: Poetry

(Note: This follows a series of poetry I penned while attending the Dalai Lama's sessions at Radio City Music Hall back in May: Part I, II & III. Clicking on the Roman numerals will take you to them. :D)

As I have said:
Whatever your religion,
whatever your inner creed,
take the philosophy
of Compassion
to live your life
towards the highest good
of all
I say now that
I am no expert on
I can tell you only
what it has meant
to me,
hearing words
drift from the mouths
of sages and monks
who have seen things
in Compassion's totality
The Cause of Suffering
is ignorance:
the ignorance of
cause & effect
and the ignorance
of dependent origination
No action is without
an equal and opposite
And no man is an island;
our entire existence
relies on interdependent
cohesion with
Creation itself
In order to
gain wisdom,
study your throughout
your path,
not just while
on spiritual retreat
Have tireless effort,
have patience with
your practice,
and do not give up
hope that humankind
can be more
The mind often
runs itself worn
solving riddles,
dashing away
from the present
moment so that
you are never truly

let the mind run,
let it cross-reference
as an organic
computer must
But do not follow
it and hold onto
its musings,
especially not
thoughts of fear,
anger and hatred
To know Ultimate Reality,
be the embodiment
of the path,
listen to instruction
from your Teacher,
seek refuge in
the jewels of dharma,
and follow the
positive and uplifting
in both thought
and deed
There arise
so many emotions
within a human,
so many layers
inside and out,
Which make me realize
that all paths
lead to One...

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