Alexandria, Angel of Knowledge: Sculpture

This is a statue I found several months back. It was quite filthy, coated with grim and dull gray paint. Over the course of recent weeks, I have restored it with acrylic paint and varnish. I was half-way into this process when the name came to me: Alexandria.

When I had a question about life or needed to be away from my chaotic home, those doors were like church. Libraries have always been my sanctuary. They are full of knowledge, gateways towards worlds I've never glimpsed before. I have thought many times how wonderful the Library of Alexandria must have been.

Of all the tragedies in human history, I think losing that library was among one of the worst. I believe that it held the knowledge of humanity's origins. It was burned to the ground in the course of war.

This is my homage to that library and its knowledge.

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