Unspoken Rules & Other Thoughts: Poetry

There are rules,
you know,
unspoken ones
that slam into you
like an anvil
dropping from
the bright blue sky
Sometimes titles
blur into obsolescence,
shredded by their
own importance

they are
reborn as
dimly astute slogans
"Sex sells,"
someone told me

"Of course it doesn't,"
I replied.

"How can you say that?"

"Because if
that were true,
less people
would be angry
about the bedroom
habits of others
and more occupied
with the
transactions of
their own."
He wrung his hands
as he looked at me

"I've done it again,"
he fretted

At his feet,
lay a dozen pairs
of wings he'd
ripped off her
as he murmured
It is better to
be unnamed
and obscure
than on the
tip of the tongue
for a fifteen
minute catwalk

I've heard the
shins don't heal
well from tumbles
from the stage
An entire generation
has now witnessed
that media can
be entertained
by simply not
wearing underwear
I stumbled
and forgot myself;
For a second,
I thought
I was watching
actual news
rather than
as fact...

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