The Unbelievable & Other Thoughts: Poetry

Can my eyes
bleed anymore,
Weep anymore
for the
and helpless
I see lost
in these torrents
Multitudes of stories
untold and locked
inside these asphalt streets
She turned to me and said,
“Can you imagine?
I only paid $99 for this face.”
Left alone to our
Own devices we would
Just sit back and inspect
The contents of our
Belly buttons
to our leisure
I am watching
the life of the world
recognized as something
other than what it is,
working on something
no one can actually see,
much less feel
It’s all poetry,
You see,
Lost in
As one people,
We tackled the unbelievable
As if it were something
Palatable that our tastes
Would love to delve into...

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