Time Dwindling & Other Thoughts: Poetry

It came to me
in seconds,
the realization
that everything
I think I know
dissipates in the 
vacuum of time
Can you imagine
the storm breaking
through clouds make
of laughter
and raindrops like
sparkling diamonds
on an Earth 
now grown content?
He spoke to me,
in whispers too faint
to hear,
I asked him the 
meaning of his message
and all he did 
was sigh
"Talk to me,"
I urged him,
with compelling eyes
grown heavy with tears
and in return,
he held me in the
still saying not 
a word at all
There is unease
in my belly,
a slight discomfort
that will not go
these things I sense:
the portents
of time dwindling
through the hour glass
that we won't
The Days Grow Short
It is not enough
to merely wish a 
different reality,
one must hold fast
and drag it
through the wormhole
of our minds
into the living world
He says he loves me,
and the heart moves
towards silent places
that no one has ever been
And I am afraid
With one kiss,
I said goodbye
to a hundred thousand
all in a single instant
But he understood
not at all
In the nightmare,
I scream aloud
for every decision
that has brought me to 
this point
In the daydream,
I laugh out loud
for every decision
that has brought me
to this point
And somewhere in
I swim in the air
of existence
and do nothing at all
Small in stature,
he rises like a tiny
four years old,
enveloped in a
blanket he says
is his tent,
reminding me
that the edges
of things are blurry
for the youth
so they can recreate
the world
I am a novice here,
don't you see?
Aching with words
contorted around
the corridors of my 
I am a literary ghost,
chewing on novels,
dining on prose
and as my head
grows fat from
my addiction,
I can only ask if
one can ever truly
know too much
I see the storm,
rising, relentless,
it's shattering thunder
pressing against
the windowpane 
as yet unheard
And inside,
where reason
falls apart,
I am terrified 

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