Stardust and Awe: Poetry

He pressed gentle
fingers to my lips,
sighed against me as if
I were a naked blessing,
and, by God,
for five hours,
all we knew was each other
and the moonlight:

the solid feel of him inside
my secret velvet places,
the furious pounding
of our hearts as we
rode bliss together

For once in my life,
I forgot my name,
surrendering completely
to my lover's touch
It devastated my mind,
the way his hands
stroked and
his mouth stirred,
how his eyes blazed with
fires that scorched
yet did not burn

There in the moonlight,
on the grass
beneath the stars,
we worshiped each other
without words:

A fluid tangle of limbs
and unimpeded passion
His mouth at my breast,
my head thrown back
in delirium,
and the final thrust that
obliterated the world
into stardust and awe.

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