A Soulless Existence & Other Thoughts: Poetry

And the world
was one thing,
Indelible, indivisible
Something insatiable
That she couldn’t even
Bother with unless she
Opened her eyes and
Wondered if she were dreaming
So the thought
Crosses the mind
Like bliss unrealized
In another mechanism
That no one knew
Before time was immortal
If we asked each other
Whether or not we wanted
To be here,
Sometimes the answer
Would be no
Isn't it something that
Is the only occupation
Of such vital importance,
Of such unimagined sacrifice
And yet the payment
Is measured in love?
 So we ask ourselves
The inevitable question
Of whether work is enough,
Of whether love is enough
And then we each take our
Turns in denying that
Love is the answer.
 From day one,
They teach you to go
After a material prize
But nowhere do they
Explain the limitless
One finds in living
A soulless existence.

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