Saxsophone Song: Poetry

I feel you
in the breeze
passing my face
like a sigh

In the clouds,
I hear you

Your voice,
like the deep
groan of a

I see you
In a thousand pictures,
in a million faces
that pass through my eyes
I reach for you,
but you elude my grasp,
obscure like the
uncarved block

I touch you
In those nightly journeys
to lover’s lands
where I hold you tight
and vow to never leave your side

You haunt me
In dreams of
a yellow brick road
toward an alter,
where we meet
and become as one

I breathe you,
the essence of always
and the tingle of familiar

I love you

No matter how
far apart we are,
you will sing
that song in my blood,
the jazzy,
snazzy note of love,
the desire,
fire of passion heating up,
the lazy,
hazy way you wrap
your spell around me

Be the Saxophone song
I never tired of...

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