The Question & Other Thoughts: Poetry

And so the world slept on,
Unware and blissfully unmoved
The thing called Hope noticed
That nothing existed inside the
Darkness save a shaft of light
That stretched in a circle
towards infinity
 He turned to me 
when I asked
The Question,
startled by the 
utterance of knowledge

In Truth,
in Honor,
I asked him if he
knew where the doorway
was hidden

“Of course I do,” he said
jovially, "but I won't tell you."

And then the sneer rose
in his eyes as he told me,
“You are after all a woman.”
There are 
secrets in verse

This is why
the hallways are guarded
by librarians whose
love of books
weighs more than
their love of ambition
If you are worthy,
Then the veils are lifted
From your eyes

You will spy entire
Eras in the architecture
Of a building,

You will come to know
that every interaction
Is but a reflection
of knowledge you
already possess

To be both 
awake and aware
requires that you
Know thyself
through and though
As time slows for me,
As emotions run through
the sifter are 
at last understood,
I realize life again
beyond the shades of death
and nuance and 
everything in between...

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