Offered Bread: Poetry

The raven came
to me in dream 
last night

It landed by
my feet,
ruffled its feathers,
and met my gaze

I crouched down
and watched it
eat the offered bread
that suddenly
appeared in my hand

Then it bowed its
head and let me 
stroke its feathers

At first,
I feared it would
peck out my eyes

But it merely nuzzled
against my open palm,
conveying comfort
when I felt there was no need

Yet in the background
I saw people backing
away from me

It was as if the Raven
imported some message
that made them afraid

They beckoned me
to step away from it

I looked at them, 
puzzled at their alarm

And then I woke,
secure in this world
once more

Thinking of the raven's
eyes as he stared into mine
and how sad he seemed
to have eaten my bread....

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