Offered Bread, II: Poetry

I crouched there
petting the Raven,
who nuzzled my hand
in return
The people 
draw back and stared

"This is a carrion bird,"
said a reverend loudly.
"I'll have no part
of things that feast 
on the dead!"

I responded kindly,
"And yet you had
 forty souls attending
a banquet 
surrounding a 
chicken carcass 
baked with
rosemary and sage.
You even said 
a blessing
before you feasted 

At this,
the slaughtered saints 
rose from 
the ground and said,
"The true church
is the One 
without walls."

"It is witchcraft!"
yelled another,
pitchfork waved high,
that the weapon
made them just
as violent as the things
they claim to oppose

"Ah, yes," said I.
"There is no 
greater fear 
than of a woman
who knows herself
through and through.
For it's Intuition 
that guides her,
not the thrust of intellect
or the calculated churning
of the gut.
She cannot be controlled."

At this,
the billions 
of women 
rose and 
shed their veils,
one by one.

"Right you are," 
said the politician.
"But the people simply
aren't ready to hear 
your message so loudly.
If you'd let me be
your representative,

"Profit," I said simply,
"just as others of your ilk.
You play 
sympathy and wrath
like a harpsichord
that cries gold 
instead of tears."

At this,
the masks fell off
each media orifice
and the people
saw things without

I stood
and the Raven flew
up to land on my

"The only reason
you see me as evil
is because you've
yet to look in the mirror.
So let me show you
what it's been like
to sit here and be me."

At this,
my scream echoed
round the cosmos
arresting all
in silence

Only then
did everyone 
realize that my 
name is 

"I have 
taken every blow,"
said I,
"because I've loved
my sons and daughters.
You did not know
what you were doing."

"They did,"
said the Raven coldly,
glaring at the people.
"They knew 
they were
killing you. 
They did
not care."

"These things do not
matter now,"
I said.

A small boy
of seven
the question 
in the stillness.

"Because I am 
dying now."

Earth began
to shake.

Every bust
of Pallas fell
from each 

And the doors 
one by one.

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