The Lady in Red & Other Thoughts

Enticed and enthralled,
The lady in red
Waited by the bar
For Prince Charming,
With whom she would
Build a life with children,
Joy and plenty
And happily ever after

The bartender,
Ever careful of his clientele,
Leaned over and
Whispered carefully,
“Hate to tell you this but
He’s stood you up, doll.
You’ve been replaced.”

She laughed,
A sultry shimmer:
“By what?”

“By machines.”

At that,
The laughter halted
They will tell you
Anything to keep
You doing the one
Thing you know
Isn’t right
So how many times
Are you going to
Go through the wringer
Before you decide
To live your life
For real?
Elevated in stars,
Etched on the black
Slate of a subway car
I unravel in cerebral
Mists uncloaked
By intuition’s
Circles within circles,
Dancing in the cosmos
Of our own lives,
Revolving around
Each other,
Like planetoids
Seeking the mass
Of a star
To help
Them grow…
She wept silently
For all she did not have
And for all who
Did not value her
In the end,
her friends’ mined
the diamonds of her
tears and struck it rich
I am an alien,
Can’t you see the
Tendrils of the
Person I used to be
Trailing behind me?

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