The Halls of Knowledge & Other Thoughts: Poetry

 It is said in a
Japanese proverb
that vision without
action is a daydream
and action without
vision is a nightmare
If this is the case,
then let me dream
with eyes open
at nightmares dissolving
into smoke
She asks of me things
I do not want to undertake,
yet I shoulder on because
it is a challenge
to overcome even
the inner critic
that does not wish
to be bothered
I am a woman,
not a man
and woe has
been brought
tenfold against
those born with wombs
Is it not enough
that we labor to
bring men into this
Must we also
be subjugated as well
for the crimes
of curiosity and
adept comprehension?
The truth is hidden,
cloaked in literary
efforts profuse
with spirit
For the greatest
liars are the nonfiction
books that claim
to tell the absolute
final word on everything
They've stolen history
and a legacy,
wiped out our origins
and replaced them
with a Mesopotamian myth
when it is quite plain to
see that One People
originated in One Place
and from One Source
We can be patient now
because the sinkholes
are opening as their
lies come undone
Do you know that we
suffer merely from lack
of knowledge? 
And that this knowledge
has been withheld from us
and given only to a chosen
Such poisons the powerful
have funneled into our world,
dire creations that sap the
strength right out of the planet
Tell me, mankind,
why do you treat your Mother so?
We are the abandoned children,
taught to relinquish hope so
young in exchange for
the crisp dollar bills
of an imaginary life
It used to be that rain
now it merely annoys
because the Earth's thirst
is somehow secondary
to our schedules running
on time
I have seen glimpses
of the underside of reality,
the black spaces between
the subway stations of life,
where fear lurks amongst
the rats and the ones
calling the shots are
rarely seen
Step inside with me
and spy who has
been driving this dark train
of our anguish into hells
Working and sweating
a pound of flesh every day
to provide money for more
items we do not need
Yes, let us pamper ourselves
while the peasants eat cake,
we've our designer clothing
and decadent lifestyles
to tide us over while we're here
Drowsy now,
on the fumes of energy
long since used
Will we not open our eyes
to see that this
era is drawing to a close?
Let us fellowship in the
Halls of Knowledge,
where we learn our ambition
to be alive
I will see you there in class;
be sure to bring your book...

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