The Four Elements of the Cage: Poetry

The black bag was
On her shoulder,
The golden chains were
Around her neck
And one ankle was
Tied to a black mirrored
Ball that followed
Wherever she went

Little did she know
That her freedom
Had been exchanged
For a breath of
designer vanity.
She’d found success
And a loving husband,
Had children by the plenty
And houses by the dozen

Still, she passed from this
World under anesthesia
Because she wanted
A better, plastic chin
He found success
In business,
Toured the world
In a private jet,
Rubbed elbows
With the rich and famous

Still, he died
Because he wanted to live
The fast life while
flying high on the flames
of amphetamines
She’d been a model
In her twenties,
Walked on the arm
Of a man with wealth
She’d lounged in foreign
Countries, faintly bored
Yet excited

Still, death found her
Weighing only 95 lbs,
seeing food as poison
and drinking only water
Go now,
Take down the curtains
From your windows

Let the sunshine
illuminate all your lies
Rest easy now and again
With the silence
To remind you of where
You’ve been

They are shadows, you see
Just shadows
that weight heavy only
When we cling to the
dark gloom of the past

So let them go,
Wash them with sunlight
And breathe
as a free person
Once more.

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