Essential Lullaby: Poetry

Go on, darling,
rest your head;
don't be afraid to cry
when efforts spring
from an empty well
that's a mile long past dry

And when the pain
is too much and
drives you to your knees
its okay 
to say you hate
the core of the disease

And its alright
if you say just once
that it's too much
to watch time 
everything you touch

No one 
will think you less 
to state
that its hard 
to keep on going
when all you see is waste

Or that these moments

tax your strength 
until you're stretched so thin
with walls boxing you 
on every side
and no way to win

Yes, these evils keep
us chained until 
we just can't cope
But even in the darkest
night there is
intangible hope

If we die
before we reach the mountain
to see abundant lands
One of us will still remain 
to lift the torch
from our hands

Know that 
we're immortal,
not islands made of stone
Each interaction,
every moment spent
is not just you alone

It's not the fight
we master,
or the final stand
It's realizing that love
is always waiting
and wants to hold your hand

if you let it.

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