Discarded Sunlight: Poetry

There are two
divergent paths
One is hope,
The other is Faith
One is still a child,
the other a woman

But neither will
garner the outcome
you seek without
their teenage sister,
The words ran
away from me
as my heart bled
out on the wooden floor

Discarded sunlight
pressed against my
and asked me to
hold on
my body seems
a cruel prison
I cannot control

And my mind
soars so freely,
curious at the
of things finite
I sat down
beneath a cypress tree
where the thought
visited me:

It's just money,
you see,
little pieces of
paper brushed
with ink

Yet of all
the vices on this
nothing corrupts
quite as surely
as this little gem

For even the stalwart
of heart can waver
at the sight of
a large bag
waved in front of
the nose
We've dark tastes,
for every meal has
been seasoned
with the flavors
of thanklessness

Only now,
when our stomachs
growl for lack
of sustenance,
do we realize
what fools we've been.

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