The Caress of Existence & Other Thoughts: Poetry

And so the
doorway opened,
The Place of the Heart,
The Pulse of the World
I have heard your voice,
silent and chained.
Be Free, Cherry Blossom.
I have heard your voice,
beauty displayed is still not free,
Speak your secrets, Victoria
Self-destructive tendencies
do the individual a disservice
by effectively cloaking
the Divine within
Let us close our eyes
and be immersed in Love,
Let us heal others and ourselves
while lighting a Sacred Flame
Enveloped in the pages 
of our hearts
we must ask ourselves
if our stories remain unfinished
merely because we want
to cling to our destruction
because we fear hope
With open eyes
expanding ever onwards,
let us climb the pyramids
of coalescent thought
Let us be brave enough
to share our stories out loud,
for it is only then that
we will realize there is no
where to go:
Because here we are
If there is rapture,
it is found in the nectar
of a jasmine flower
bathed in the light
from a hundred thousand
stars we can imagine
but can't see
So many things here,
bright and dazzling,
just to hear existence
caress someone else's skin...

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