Thunderstorms & Rainbows: Poetry

I am an enigma,
a woman
of gold and silver
etched with
a colorful
spray of paint

Turn once,
see a flower,
Turn again,
see a witch,
Turn once more,
and see a daughter
born of ice and flame

It is my nature
to be at odds
for I was forged
with thunderstorms
and rainbows,
water shot through
with light
A promise
and a reckoning
to those that
dance at dusk

Watch me now,
captivating in white,
sullen in black,
musing in green,
wrapped in fine linen,
I celebrate my
with every footstep
and my birth
with every exhale

And these
stalwart guardians
protect me,
these Ancient Ones
whose language I
learned as a child
They whispered of
and refraction,
of magick and reason
side by side

Here now,
in the Garden,
there is water still
to flash into
the steam of
passion's flight
and lust's decadence
And dreams are so
much Ebion, Ebony,
Ebonz pride

And now the riddle:
the sanctimonious
scream of Saturn's
third moon,
lighting across
the ocean of memory's
scattered leaves
that fall into
piles of remorse
that never knew
Pluto's eclipse...

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