Listening to the Dalai Lama, III: Poetry

In these poems, I am sharing with you the profound experience of being at the week-long event at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. All of these works were made during the sessions and the subsequent lunch breaks between the talks:

Evolution of Cosmos
consists of the
Empty Space,
To help you find
the peaceful state 
both heart and mind,
this is what I listen to:
The purpose of 
yoga is for you 
to acquire
a mindset of
Waking Sleep, 
by training 
your body
to function as if
(such as during
the periods between
REM sleep),
but you remain
both active and AWARE
The goal of meditation
itself is to attain self-knowledge,
still the mind and 
master negative emotions
to attain a state
of pure light
To be whole,
unify the mind with
the heart
and live
The laughter of 
the children
reminds us
that where we seek
to be
is not all that
far away
Life is blend of
joys and sorrows
To be At One,
one must be centered
in non-duality
And outside these walls
these scholars
speak of cause and effect,
And so our preachers
tell us of fires and damnation,
but I can only smell
the flowers of an open Garden,
the sacred flame of an 
angel's sword now held
in salute
and the laughter of children
happy to return Home
once more
Know well the 
The Words of Nagarjuna:
The meditation on 
the emptiness of reality
as espoused by the Buddhists 
and The meditation on
the emptiness of space
(quantum physics)
are the same thing.

(But you don't have to take
my Word for it...As the Buddha
said: Experience for yourself.)
The purpose of teaching
that all manifestations
possess inherent emptiness
(empty space)
and are interdependent
with one another in 
thought constructs
achieves one aim:
to dismantle anything
within the mind that
can be used by the ego
as objectification
so that one can live
fully in the Present Moment
Occurs when nothingness
itself is objectified
and, in some cases,

It is the two-fold literal interpretation
of the common saying (mantra):
"Nothing is sacred."

It is worship of this mantra,
via rampant consumption
to fill the resulting void
in our consciousness,
that is wrecking havoc
on our world and us

And the easiest way
to fall into this mental trap
is to believe that 
everything and everyone 
has a Price.
To achieve oneness,
do not grasp 
towards any thought; 
Live instead by 
wakeful awareness
and Knowing.
These lofty designs
we cling to,
The belief in our
tortured existence,
are both powered
by the voice of 
Yesterday's Echo...

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