Imagined Lives: Poetry

There are these
lives we've imagined,
filled with money
and every need met
No more sacrificing
and thinking
one step ahead of the ax

Yet none of them
manifest in the today,
It is as if their
grip is tenuous at best
even when we decry our
own desolation


I spied a castle
a $3 million dollar dream,
with terraces and
pretty gardens,
all those windows
like Tudor scenes

It pinched my heart,
the urge to covet,
these things I do not
have outside
the sanctuary of
inner self

It jabbed my heart,
the tide of
self- recrimination
that I've not had
my imagined life
in the castle
where I let my hair
fall down
for the Prince
waiting below


The rain came down
in torrential sheets
that kissed my face
in playful slaps,
mingling with the
tears on my cheeks
and the sadness already
on my tongue

If only I could hold
a single drop suspended
in the air,
study and marvel
its transparent sheen,
then maybe imaged lives
would not sting as much


Some days,
I realize I am not strong,
but that I am one step
from giving up
instead of just letting go

I've been riding the
middle path for so long
that I get scraped by
both sides of the fence
in their haste to shut
the gate on me


Sometimes this life
is a monumental headache
because the simple
has become complicated,
and the complex is
often far too watered down
Is there no where
serving a proper plate
of knowledge
that does not tie
the synapses into
knots of translucent

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