I Dreamed of California & Other Thoughts: Poetry

I dreamed California
Was right in my backyard
A cypress tree, all lush
And green,
Sparkling under rainbows
Made of dreams


I asked this
Guardian where
The entrance to hope
If I could kindly
Be shown the passage
Towards the footsteps 
I must Take 

And the Guardian said,
Take heart, 
My little child,
Whose years aren’t
Nearly as long as mine

You dance so strong
But don’t belong
In these simple times

Open, open, open
Live your life the
Way you need

It’s here and now,
There and when,
So that all these
Things will be set
In stone
Made out of air


I’m a hermit today,
Tucked inside my shell
beneath the ocean
where all is silent
except the rhythmic beating
of my heart...

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