"Twilight": Art

I read the Twilight series last year. I'd put it off mainly because it was so popular, which led me to believe tht it couldn't possibly be good. I was, quite frankly, WRONG. I fell in love with the characters of Bella & Edward. See, I saw myself as a Bella type when I was high school. I read often and daydreamed much. I have to say that New Moon was my favorite out of all of them, mainly because I recognized tht dazed, ache Stephanie Meyer managed to convey when Edward left Bella. 

Okay, so fast forward to the movie. I'm not  teeny-bopper anymore, but I could barely manage to contain my giggles of glee seeing them kiss on screen. So I created this 8x11 piece with Sharpie markers along with some watercolors based on that epic kiss. I kept the overall tone of the painting dark because their story is dark. Bella chooses, over and over again, to walk the ways of nightkind. But I felt also that they were still innocent, which is why I used white in the clothing.

I'll no doubt have more artwork in this vein once "Eclipse" hits theaters.

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