Good-bye: Poetry

I want to say good-bye to you,
discard your memory like
last season's clothes

put you away so you can no
longer frighten me

I want to stop hearing your voice
telling me what I can't do

and feeling the sting of your

I lost you a long time ago,
but it kills me still

Right here, right now

I'm having so much trouble
breaking free when I left two
years ago

And now I'm in mourning still
for a life I left

holding on to the fear
of being called a fool

It isn't fair
or real or healthy
to feel like this

To wake like this
and want that part
of my life to finally end

I want a real home
and my two little people,
a life of travel
and art,
love and light,
growth and expansion

Good-bye, good-bye

just let it be over
and done

not this racking pain
that I can't just shut
the door on

say Good-bye

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