Embrace of Kali: Poetry

Let us dance here,
you and I, Kali
Where darkness meets
the light's horizon
and a dozen horrors
have yet to be born

Let us dine here
amongst the remnants
of your kingdom
where necklaces are made
of skulls
and limbs swing at
the hem of your skirt

I have not forgotten
the embrace of the dark,
the intangible you
going forth in its stead
with terrifying eyes

And I saw your figure
draped in white and black,
I saw you standing at
the threshold of life
and death,
there with fire in your
eyes and the roar
of damnation in your

And we fear you,
so much and so often,
misunderstanding here as
ever that you are also
vital to life
But what do you destroy,
what do you devour?
Is it the things that we
miss or the things that
we loathe?

Is your warmth as Dan
Simmons said,
all carrion arms and
a baby full of precious
all of them pretty, glittering
and dead

When you hold out
your hands to us,
do you seek to pull us
into the darkness with you
or remind us that we are
light within ourselves
that shines a brightness
on your face so we can
see all its terrible glory?

Are there words for
what you are, Dark Mother?
Can you weave the cosmos
with the knowledge that you
know or are you from
the before when time
was just a whisper in some
particle's ear?

Will you avenge us,
Dark Mother,
from ourselves and
from our enemies?
Will you tantialize
and hynoptize, yet
keep the baby held to
you safe as Christopher
Pike described?

Or are you as I remember
you, sitting on your throne
of death,
plotting to get back
into human skin to wreck
havoc in the Age that
bears your name?

Are you the last of the
trumpets to blare
for the Revelation,
the mystery of all womankind
wrapped into the darkest folds
of night?

And if I embrace you now,
will I be the same afterwards,
can I ever hope to walk in
human skin once I've tasted
the Knowledge of everything?

Such questions do I ask,
this dance I see you play,
and in the end,
I extend my hand
to the crows you've
sent to me
and wonder aloud no more....

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