The Door to Heaven: Poetry

I'm down here knocking
on the door to Heaven,
eyes open wide with
tears that just won't stop

Beyond the door,
I hear the echo of my cries
as they travel beyond infinity
past a moon I've never seen

I'm down here penniless,
possessing nothing save my skin
and even that means nothing
when the storm screams at eventide

I'm down here derelict,
speaking foreign tongues
of a people that aren't mine
and sporting a head so full
of knowledge that
it renders me inept

"Is anyone home?" I call out;
"Can anyone here me?" I cry
as I stand on the steps of the
Church of Earth

I'm down here fatigued,
my arm aching from all this knocking,
my throat raw from calling out
I would kick the door if
I wasn't so damn tired and bereft
and confused

So I turn away from the door

In the end, I don't know who
is more startled:
the angel who ran into me
on his way out,
his headphones blasting
Iron & Wine
or myself for having
spied a glimpsed the place
beyond the doorway
into a place I recognized...

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