Closing Eyes: Poetry

It's like staring
into a looking glass
paved from stone and ice,
so beautiful in
your terror
when you believe you've
got it all planned out

I used to dream of a day
when those eyes would
never grow cobalt
and verbal stones
would never hurt

But they did

It was a lie,
an outrageous one
to be in one place
and have live to
see the unveiling
of everything we'd been
taught to fear

And this bitter ache
you've left now only
smarts my war streak,
chomping at the bit to
run you over
with everything I know
I can do

all in light and love
to flourish as me
when you wanted me
to be everything else

How can it ever be
resolved if the door
remains open?

I close my eyes,
just close my eyes
and dream of better times
than these...

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