By the River of Sorrows: Poetry

I saw my reflection
within the river of sorrows,
spied a branch floating
on the surface of time,
being nipped at my dainty
goldfish who flourished
in a dream-like sea

I gave up protection
for the certainty of tomorrows,
feeling secure and gloating
over nickels and dimes
none of which made the bounty
worth the chorus
of lost simplicity

I swam in those waters,
laid my head along the bank,
pondered lavender clouds of
plenty that
evaporated into a wild deluge
that scraped the flesh
from my imagination

I was but one other daughter,
accepted in title and rank,
as the wife on someone's
arm, flat
scourged with the rouge
of sentient death
from mere stagnation

Yes, this was my river of sorrows,
the one I used to adore
thinking I'd made so wise
a decision far removed from vice
and victim I had known
and things I cared not to
remember when the day faded
into night

Yes, it was the sum of my tomorrows
that I don't need anymore
Because it was one disguise
of many predicted into life
by the underwhelming feeling honed
in forcing down my shine for
others who fear
the dawning of the light

No more, no more
will I wander its snakelike length,
give my heart to its murky depths,
I have learned my lesson
I am no Persephone content
to let the bargain stand
The Underworld is
neither friend nor lover
that holds a candle in my heart...

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