The State of "Six": Poetry

(Six is the number of the Physical World. It is an enigma where good and evil have their home.)

The Universal Holy Word:

And so the scientist
Says to the Circle
“We shall call you Pi”
To which the Circle laughs,
“Never greater an enigma than I”

“For you seek to find
the totality of what my
barriers can hold
But you keep finding infinity
where there resides
no numerical gold

The number that you seek
is the number of Transcendence
From the cycle of Rebirth
It has had many names
in many cultures
during the history of Earth

And it has been said
From the wise sage to the Christ
That everything is of ONE THING
Manifesting itself inside ONE LIFE

Everything in existence
Travels back towards light
In a reunion Consciously Aware
Or else it returns to burn
In matter until its nature is
Laid bare

This number some seek
With innocent desire,
Others with malevolent intent
Across the four corners of
The world it has been sought
Without relent

But the number will not find you
Because you don’t know where to start
The one with it doesn’t possess a great mind,
But utilizes a great heart...

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