The State of "Seven": Poetry

The Universal Holy Word:

And there was a rest on the
Seventh Day
And a silence after the opening
Of the Seventh Seal
And all the Seven Churches
Watched the beast with Seven
Heads begin to heal
And the angels sounded
Seven Trumpets
Then the Earth knew the seven plagues
Within the calendar that now
Marks a week in seven days

Seven is the number of peace
It reconciles what
has come Undone
When two sides disagree
The choice boils down to ONE

Three say, “This is the way.”
Three say, “No, it’s this way, dear.”
The last one decides the compromise
That everyone will hear

So it takes a span of seven stages
For the soul to reach the light
It takes seven initiations
For the adept to get it right

It will be seven steps
To get it done just in time
To reach that seventh heaven
You have to FREE YOUR MIND.

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