The State of "Nine: Poetry

(Nine is the number of mystery.)

The riddle:

All things are one thing,
We choose what we will see,
All time is a single moment,
We choose what we will experience,
All existence is a single eternity,
We choose our atomic particle

But there is only one that goes
Into everything,
That exists in light and dark,
In positive and negative,
In sickness and health,
In life and death
And transcends the entire

Whatever path you have chosen
Will not matter once you
Cross the threshold
Whatever deity you saw
Will change when you go through
The door
Whatever signs that led you
Will fall away like the scales
From your eyes

But know this:
You cannot unlearn knowledge
You can’t back away from the door
To do so is the second death
The death from stagnation
That obliterates everything
Into nothingness

When you try to stop the clock
You only make it run faster
When you try to blow apart
The conspiracy
You come off like a loon
When you try to keep two
Steps ahead of the crowd
They will trample you
Getting to the door

To cross the doorway,
To enter transcendence,
You must let go of everything,
Release it all
Surrender and be free

The secret to the mystery is
That we are not the ones being enslaved
We are instead enslaving ourselves
And once we stop
We will break the last binding
To a dimensions we’ve outgrown:

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