The State of "Eight": Poetry

The Universal Holy Word: Eight

We lay adrift in possibility
So it kills us:
The endlessness of reality
And the span of its wholeness

We want to convince ourselves
That nothing we do matters
That time erases everything
we do today
But these connective threads
All leave their traces
So that the next moment comes
Because the former had its say

We are caught in the infinity loop
And have been stuck there for eons
But we keep doing the same things
Again as if we’ll get it right this time

It is not either free will or
To which Creation lends it voice
It is a blend of both in the
Some things are fixed;
In others, we have choice

It is already set when you will
Birth and die
Due to actions long gone
What you do between
Is your dance to decide

So we all bicker
Between God and us
We’d like to think it’s either
All or none
It’s easier just to pick a side
And let the discussion be done

And in so choosing,
Infinity continues
Because the only way
To stop causation
Is to surrender and stand still.

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