Reinvented: Poetry

I'm hearing the music
of an electric world,
that lapses into rages
like a toddler high on speed

Roaring here,
angry in the eclectic
mixture of technology
and sound
We are a new generation
dancing two steps from
the abyss

but we are steady climbing
up this mountain
towards a brave new
where we are everyone
and no one within
the stream of tweets and

Who will stand here,
when the ashes of the former
civilization bleed into
the hallways of our memories?

Who will cry here,
when we leave behind
all the limitations that
kept us back from tomorrow?

Can we sit here and still
cling to things that
are no longer valid?

Can we honestly say
that we are not being
reinvented one
one message,
one tweet,
at a time?

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