Reaching: Poetry

You reached out your hand
And touched the glass
The world beyond the pane
Was cold, cold as ice

I placed my hand over yours
In an attempt to erase our past
As if the memories could delete
Themselves without my thinking twice

And still that chasm yawns between us
Where I think I'll not be heard
I'm afraid to utter phrases that my soul
Has yet to mold

All I have, hear me, all I have
Are there few words
Everything I've tried to grasp
Has slipped beyond my hold

Don't wait for me
Reach past me
Reach in me and feel
What I'm trying to get out

Don't placate me
Underneath the skin
There lives a woman
Too restrained to shout

I'm so scared,
Scared of that world beyond the pane
I'm so frightened,
Frightened of hoping one more time

I'm alienated,
I've gotten so complete used to rain
That the sunshine striking my face
Can make me lose my mind

Reach out your hand
And I'll reach back
Press your lips to mine
And I'll sink into you

Hold me because I'm not strong
See through the fissure cracks
Hold me in the night
With what you feel is true

Reach for me,
Reach for me

Because I've been reaching so long...

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