The Message: Poetry

The message
was not the quote of the raven
perched on a bust
in bleakest November
Not in declarations of
independence that
our leaders don't bother
to remember

It wasn't found in heights
so withered
nor in letters scarlet red
Not stored in patriotic speeches
that fill us up with dread

It wasn't in the fire's
dying embers
once upon a December morn
It existed in the first breath
we knew when we were born

Oh, I remember, I remember
I embrace and I return
to that point, to that moment
No more seeking, no more to learn

Remember, friend, remember
close your eyes and breathe
Heed the song inside you
Don't fear to raise from
off your knees

Stand with me,
stand with me,
remember and rejoice
Because I hear it,
fragrant rapture
of the inner voice

And there will be no
stopping it now,
there will be no
ignoring it now,
there will be no
turning from it now
Because the lies
are falling away...

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