Literary Acid: Poetry

I took the tab off
an electric,
synthetic vibe,
placed it on my tongue
and felt it dissolve
into the skin

It took some moments
before the words came
pouring out,
a streaming dream
of living clean
that I didn't know
was real

Is this reality?
'Cause the colors
are so wild,
and the letters
dance the samba
in the plots of
a poetic facade

Is this a nightmare?
Sugar-coated romance
peppered with
linguistic horror,
wrapped up in a Godiva
chocolate e-book
and a slash of digitized

There's words in the sky,
float on magenta molasses
clouds full of
Jolly Rancher storms
Skittles rainbows full
of plot holes I can
ride my motorcycle through

And there's the Candyman,
the writer with the grin
like a Black Hole Sun
watering an iridescent
garden filled with
coconut ash trees
that grow out of soil
ripe with libraries

How I chug down the
classic smoothie
of Hemingway's allure,
pulling up the sheer
stockings of sentence
sex on metaphor's

I am the Walrus,
The Carpenter,
The Eggman,
and the Wonderland
all rolled into
title that
could only be

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