Feeling: Poetry

I'm in a somber
kind of mood,
an ecclesiastic
kind of taste

I've seen enough

Have you ever wondered
what it's like to fly,
to jump off the cliff
and land as if you're
a feather?

Have you ever wondered
why it is you cry
and your words all slip
because you just can't
keep it together?

I've know too much

I know that feeling,
it has ridden me like
the fastest car on the track
and I've slaved and
driven and moaned
to get that monkey off my back

But I know nothing

Unfolding, evolving
like a velvet touch
against smooth skin,
penetrating to the
hardened muscle beneath

So I've got to let go

Thought ceases,
left behind at the threshold
of anxiety,
at the crossroad of

And I actually feel


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