Dismemberment Physics: Poetry

I'm all in pieces,
divided by a wealth
of encrypted knowledge
It slices cleanly
through a body
made up of nothing
but air

The Word all but preaches
the single road to health
isn't found inside a college
or by abiding serenely
like hot toddy
a bit more than nothing
but you need it to prepare

These tiny particles,
this old Tree of Life
is separated by a span
of learning
from which you'll one day
walk away
And when you realize we
know nothing
Will you cling still
to the old way?

These horrid articles
filled with so much strife
of what you can't and can,
ever churning
with opinions from everyone
whose ever had a say
And one day you'll realize
that their speech is nothing
because life is just
a random, predictable play

This is the class of
dismemberment physics,
where you get all you
know torn apart,
shredded by the wheel
of progress and its
mistress, time
You've got one chance to
hear the message,
one eon and one second
to finally get it right

This is the body of
dismemberment physics,
where existence is just
a beating heart
whose blood starts
to congeal,
dark and mysterious
like spilled wine
Do I spy a cannibal
in your vestige,
a hunger that will beckon
for the thirst of the night?

And I am so fond
of riddles,
making sense of
this nothing,
deriving meaning from
the core,
where fairies use
the scientific method
to prove their own

And their results resemble
the tragedy of fiddles
playing a symphony
of nothing,
finding glee within
an artist's chore
painted heartily with rouge,
the lyricist wrecks it
lying waste things grown
ever since

And the carrion cadence
is nothing,
and the in-between is
but if you decide
its all nihilism,
then you haven't been
listening at all....

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