Conspiracy Theory: Poetry

(Dedicated to all the conspiracy theorists out there and their websites
that never cease to amaze and amuse! Consider this my Unified Conspiracy Theory. Apologies to any that I've missed!)

I saw the lights last night,
and the UFO touched down,
they told me that HIV began
with vaccinations against
Hepatitis B
to save a dying race and
exterminate another

There were gray men and
blue men of all different shades,
who spoke about the Annunaki
who aided the Mesopotamians
and the Amen Ra who inspired
Atlantis and Mu
How we'd spent so much time
giving them copper and ore
and all these metals they
wanted mined
in exchange for knowledge
that they weren't sure
we deserved

I closed my eyes and saw
the way those islands sank
when the comet hit off
the coast of Canada
and caused a new ice age
that wiped out the Children
of Gods in one fell swoop
so we were left with only
the Children of Men
who were supposed to live
by the Book of One
and the lightning rod
of the virtual Library
of Halexandria

I watched the world's people
stand in awe as the earth
stopped spinning,
then resumed in retrograde
for 48 hours before
it spun the right way again

They said the Egyptians knew
all sorts of Sacred Magick,
how they taught themselves to
put their spirits into
inanimate things that would
give them a chance
at immortal rebirth
And that out of the caves
came things that terrified
mortal men

They said the Towers fell
because of high frequency
sound waves
and that Babylon
morphed from Mesopotamia
into a great church whose minions
wear both scarlet and red
who work with Reptilian men
from Mars who destroyed
their own home from within
and made ours a Prison Planet

They touched a hand to my
heart and told me
that I was worthy enough
to take the White Powder of Gold,
traverse the Star-fire
that blazed through the Ark of
that the Indigo Children
would lead us on towards
the 4th Dimension
while the Harvest occurred
on earth in the 3rd

I touched my hand to my stomach,
to that sacred center
and knew the fulfillment of
prophecy had been with Bahá'u'lláh
during the Great Disappointment
and they knew him not
I realized that all things happen
simultaneously and that
the Two Witnesses had already
been tossed into the streets
as lifeless corpses
And the woman had fled into
the desert to hide for
all the scattered days
that the stars moved
through the zodiac
which caused such imbalance
in the world

I saw a scroll that said
the mark of the beast was 616,
that we are dancing in the footsteps
of Kali in the Yuga of
a cosmic clock about to reset
Despite the efforts of the
Trilateral Commission and
the Bohemian Grove to usher
in a New American Century

I touched my hand to my head
and received the total truth,
that this is all the same story,
written on a thousand different petals
and the one thing
that connects them these
seemingly random things
is the universal current of human thought....

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