Condensing: Poetry

I'm getting smaller,
curling in on myself
and the world is getting
just to big for me take

I've got to go inside,
for a breather,
just for air
So I can remember
who the hell I am
and why I do what I do

You don't get it, man
This shit is all backwards
We've got celebrities
that are famous
just because they got
their faces done

We've got recluses, man
whose brilliance ain't
It's all locked up inside them,
and they've got access
to no one

The ones who lead
are the ones who have the
biggest flash

The ones who bleed
are the names that no one

How we flock and run
to the next explosion
of nothing

How we dance and sway
to the hypnotize cadence
of a failing currency

So I'm condensing,
I'm shutting out the world
because the voices are
too goddamn loud to take
and I feel like I can't breathe

So I'm condensing,
thought is turning into
liquid form,
congealing into rain
that pours onto the page

They call it melancholy,
I call it my tuning stick
Because you've got to be
a little bit broken
to see what makes this world
of our tick...

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