A Chrysalis of Time: Poetry

I was wrapped around you,
you were inside me
A tight cocoon of emotion
separated only by skin

How could I not look
into those eyes,
see the smile and the humor,
how could I not sink
into that confidence,
bask in the feel of all
that you are?

Sometimes I think
you underestimate all
that you don't say
Because it isn't what you do
or how you carry yourself
It's not the way you speak
or the way you relate to
the world

It's the way you strip
away everything,
until I'm there and
you're there
Nothing's solid,
nothing's real
Except two hearts,
two minds
and a moment

Just a moment,
caught in a chrysalis
of time

And there's something
about the way you
hold me,
the supple strength
is still suprising
after all this time

It makes my fingers
tremble when I brush
them along your face
because you've seen
these battle fields
with blackened roses
the same as I

The dark is not as
the pain not as deep
when you are here with
me in that silence
ever reverent

And can you hear my
when without words
I hold you close
and tell you all the
thing that I can never
fully say

I'm tired of running
and looking for a place
to go
I'm tired of backing away
when it gets to close
to home

Can I just stay here with
you in this chrysalis of time,
bask in something that
has meaning,
hold on just for one night?

Can you just stay with me
in this chrysalis of time,
and say you want to be here
that you'll stay,
that we can make it
past the dark, beyond
the light,
into the rainbow
and down the stream

That we will go on
and on and on?

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