The State of Zero: Unmanifest Nature- Poetry

Dancing in elliptical shadows,
the woman bows with grace
Figure poised in eloquence,
bending through will,
straightening through suffering

She dances

One leg extended into darkness,
one arm engulfed in light
Resting in motionless suspension
before breath enters once more

She dances

In her hands,
she cups the stars,
drinks from the abyss
where love lay dying,
her lips parted with sighs,
her eyes misted with tears

She dances

On her back,
the wings of the hawk extend,
both killer and nurturer,
Yet she seeks
only to take flight into
the air of freedom,
the limitless ocean of thought

She dances

Before the dance,
she breathes not
After the dance,
she lives not
Only for these moments,
with limbs drifting
through the snowfall
of creation
does she live at all

She dances

Whirling clouds of hair
and frothy lace,
bangles golden on arms
slender and strong
Feet bare against
the floor of existence
where she alone stands

She dances

Oh, yes, she dances
in this unmanifest nature,
this unraveling rapture,
this Dark Mother
of anarchy

yet naked in emotion,
sheathed in knowledge,
unveiled in bliss
one movement,
one heartbeat,
one sliver of time

And this dance goes on forever,
And this dance goes on for a second,
ever expanding,
ever contracting,
filled with the consecrated
masked by the damned

yet known
in every corner of the worlds
yet old
in every memory yet to be had

She dances,
dancing, whirling, turning
on her own axis

of imagination's dream...

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