The State of "Two": Poetry

Within the realm of the Divisible:

As children,
We had no fear,
We tried until we succeeded
We stood after a time

As adults,
We fear what we can’t control
We avoid what we don’t know
We cower after a time

As children,
We learn in the moment,
We take our bruises in stride
We remember that fun is important too

As adults,
We learn from the past
We are afraid of future scrapes
We are serious and solemn

We have unlearned
The best of lessons,
We have forgotten what is true
We turn instead to sacraments
That say nothing of who we are

Every yoga pose was taught by a toddler
Every breathing meditation by a baby
Every regimen was completed
by a five-year-old long ago

None of the trio had language
Or posturing, Or excuses
They did what came naturally
And it was so

This is why
To find All that Is,
To unlock the mystery
Of the essential nature of things
You must liken your heart
To that of a child.

And this is also why,
Once known,
It cannot be spoken
Just experienced
For the most sacred
of all the apples
is found in Silence.

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