The State of "Three": Poetry

These constant battles
Overtake us;
Whose deity is better
Than the rest
So much Blood for holy battles
And the so-called enlightened quest

But God is more akin
To a multi-faceted prism
Dancing still with grace
Slaughtering each other
Will not help us see its face

Christianity gleams when
The prism turns a certain way,
Atheism surfaces on another facet,
Whatever path you choose to follow,
Rest assured,
The prism has it

Sometimes our finite minds can’t see
The scope of what lies beyond our eyes
We can’t even conceive, much less believe
Of a universe both sentient and alive

But if a universe can be sentient,
Would it care much what we think?
Our time span measures not even
A millisecond in Brahman’s blink

So for now I’ll put an end
To this shallow, bloody game
The truest brand there is of God is

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