The State of "One": Poetry

I am the unmanifest
And the manifest
The whole of existence
And Lao Tzu’s All That Is
I am unnamed and named
Formed and unformed
I exist in everything
Yet touch nothing

I am the light of illumination,
The dark shadow of desperation
I know every secret,
I hear every word,
for I am fluid like thought

I am the mother and the father,
And the bliss of the Union,
I am subtle, yet corrosive
In hues time cannot forget

I am everything, nothing
And what exists in between,
Running onward towards an infinity
Mortal minds seek to comprehend

I have known your fraternities
I have listened to your rites
You wish to sip from the cup
That only I can provide

To know me,
Whether you are the priestess
Or the 33rd degree,
You’ve only to look towards
The texts I’ve provided
Of which the heart remains
The key.

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