The State of '"Five": Poetry

It is too painful sometimes to
live in the UNION of the present
Because our hearts know
This moment will never be lived again
So we must take life for granted,
Ignoring the finality of every second

The reality is that each second is
Indeed the last of its kind
We squander them so easily
As if they are freely given at every turn

It is only when we face the tragedy
That we realize how much we should
Have said when we had the chance
How much we could have done
If we’d only known
How much we would have
Changed if we could just go back

Each moment we have is precious
It is one of its kind
It is the last of its life
This second is already a memory
Fading even as you continue to read

There will be no other to repeat it
Because it is singular and already extinct
So reinvent yourself every second,
Live at your fullest with very breath
Defy the outside world lying to you
That to do so is your death

It is not your death to be
Awake and aware
It is your responsibility
As a sentient being to UNITE
But we have not wanted this
Responsibility since
We partook of the knowledge

If you will live here,
If you will breathe here,
Then you must choose to BE
Aware of what you do,
What you think,
How you act,
And what you affect

If we are to survive here,
We must choose to be
POSITIVE in what we do,
In what we think,
In how we act,
And in what we affect

If we do not do this,
We will not survive it.

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