The State of "2": Poetic Ramblings, Part II

The Mathematics of Mankind:

Shall we dance, my brother?
There is no one here but us two
Osiris and Set,
Though I love you (hate you)
I will slit your throat
to rule it all

So who will win, my lover?
I’m Adam and you’re just Eve
Without my power and
My strength you’d not
Be fit enough to survive
So serve me in gratitude

Are you cunning enough to
Persuade your way to succession?
Enlil over Enki
Can you truly claim to
Be father’s favorite
When he clearly adores me?

You don’t want it enough
To kill for it
Abel, you were always soft
And so your blood is spilt
While I’ll father legions
Who’ll rule with my mark on them

There will be only one
That can ensure our survival
There can be only one
To guide the way
Will it be Jesus Christ the Saint
Or Jesus Barabbas the Murderer?

To lose is to face extinction
Until the next revolution
And I refuse to die
So let us dance like Creation
And as you face death
So shall I achieve immortality…

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