Simple Pleasures: Poetry

I'm trying so hard
to just be,
relinquishing that
quiet space,
the untold place
in between

And sometimes when
doubt sets in,
he holds me close,
telling me that the
present is ever so much
better than forgotten
tomorrows I don't yet know

I sigh against him,
thinking here that these
things are all too simple
but wanting still to hold on
with fingers intertwined
and lips smoldering,
breath hitching against
one another
with feeling to great
to comprehend

Isn't life just this
here in the moment,
he and I,
nothing else to worry
just the embrace and the
giving and the love,
nestled in the night
with him
with a world I don't
understand outside these
kept at bay by glass
and nothing more

Oh, do these lovely sighs
besiege me with fresh angst
becuase every single moment
is another I've lost
and I've got too little
hope that days and days
await me in his arms
I've got too little faith
that things can arrive the
way they should

So I just take these
simple pleasures,
these ardent kisses,
the passionate embrace,
the meaningful looks between us
that say so much
than we ever could aloud

Yes, I'll just take
these minute samplings
of heaven here on Earth,
hoping and praying that
what I feel in my heart
becomes everything
and more...

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