Sentient Bullshit: Poetry

The world around us keeps
on spinning out new styles,
but they're all just another
shade of stupid wrapped in a
cellophane carrot

Don't these horrid jobs
leave you ragged and desperate?
They're like that $1 grape drink;
tastes like shit
but its all you can afford

We've bent ourselves backwards
in an attempt to make things right
And for our trouble we got
reamed out by an angry mob
of political clowns,
all of them screaming that
their made-up faces were
more real than us

This is just so much sentient
bullshit clogging
the veins of a society
smoking its last cancer stick
Let's stand outside
in the fucking cold
and be pariahs,
Waving flags that increased
in price by $5 or
the Patriotic Patch that
goes for $13

The Times said the 401K
has returned
but my grandma is still
gazing out the window
waiting for the check from
a postman that didn't
stop even once

And the unemployed
are in my yard belting
out "I have Dreamed a Dream"
in spectacular disharmony
So I put on my headphones
to hear a melodic newscaster
tell me driving my Toyota
will likely kill me
faster than the bills
from my inflated mortgage

It's so much sentient bullshit
tossed in the air like coffee grounds
Let's march inside
of our Starbucks homes
and get our caffeinated high;
Keep running in this race
where the judge tells us its
fair that Mr. Corporation won
because it's legally a person, too

And none of us will say
it's all fucked up,
no one will mutter it's
all gone to shit
We'll just keep on going
on the fumes of an existence
long since gone...

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